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Newsletter 2023.1: Leigh Bardugo, Grady Hendrix, new and returning conventions, new books, and more

Posted on 2023-01-11 at 19:48 by montsamu

Vol 11 No 1. Wednesday, January 11, 2023: OK, so, the past three years have been... something. (Understatement much?) As we navigate how to have in-person events again, there's a few of note this month, along with a year of conventions ahead, and plenty of books to read and talk about.


11 (Wednesday) 8 pm -- A virtual event ahead of MarsCon in Virginia Beach this weekend, Raleigh's own Madison Metricula Roberts hosts a "tailgate and preview" Facebook live stream whic

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Newsletter 2020.1: Voices Rising, Kwame Mbalia, Scott Reintgen, Kim Stanley Robinson, Madeline Miller, and more

Posted on 2020-01-21 at 17:34 by montsamu

Vol 10 No 1. Friday, January 10, 2020: Well. It's been a while, eh? It's a good thing absolutely nothing happened since May of last year, or else this newsletter would get quite unwieldy! Seriously though, there will needs be omissions from the second half of last year to get this out sometime this (new) decade, but what a year we had and are going to have, with books, readings, conventions, awards, and more.

First, if it feels like we should have been meeting up in person this past weekend, but somehow

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January Newsletter: Robin Kirk, Holly Black, illogiCon with Annalee Newitz, and more

Posted on 2019-01-06 at 20:58 by montsamu

Vol 9 No 1. Sunday, January 6, 2019: Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! From upcoming events both this month and next, new local and regional conventions, some long-omitted news, and even a few new books, here's what's happening as far as I know:


Obviously I'm omitting dozens and dozens of things since last February, from piles of new books to additional awards news and so very, very many story publications. But to get a new newsletter out for the first time in so long, some short cuts

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The year in NC science fiction and fantasy, part 3 of 3: Beyond the Triangle

Posted on 2018-01-13 at 19:55 by montsamu

Picking up as promised from part 2, which was a deeper dive covering new books from the greater Raleigh-Durham area, let's take a look at the incredible variety (and volume!) of speculative fiction published last year from across North Carolina, organized into five geographic areas: Charlotte (and surrounds), The Triad (Greensboro and surrounds), The Mountains (Asheville and Boone and so on), The Coast (Wilmington and New Bern and so on), and, of course, "Other." Enjoy!


The domain
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Happy Release Day: Natania Barron, A.J. Hartley, and John Claude Bemis

Posted on 2017-06-06 at 18:8 by montsamu

Three -- count 'em! -- three North Carolina authors have new books out today:

Frost and Filigree by Natania Barron is a novella in the new The Shadow Council Case Files novella series from Falstaff Books, a spin-off shared world of stand alone novellas set in John Hartness' Quincy Harker Demon Hunter series. "They have worked behind the scenes of society for centuries, protecting humans from threats beyond their understanding. They are The Shadow Council, and these Archives are the stories of their

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Statement on suspending The Exploding Spaceship column

Posted on 2016-08-24 at 1:7 by montsamu

It has come to my attention that Angela and Gerald, the authors of the Bull Spec column "The Exploding Spaceship", violated the anti-harassment policy at MidAmericon II, the 74th WorldCon, as well as a specific "do not contact" request by one of the attendees, in effect since the previous WisCon, by repeatedly approaching an attendee who had asked to be left alone, and attempting to grab the badge of someone who placed themselves between that attendee and Angela and Gerald. In the semi-public discussion in

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Friday Quick Updates: Serafina and Millarworld in the Triangle, a big ConGregate preview, and more!

Posted on 2016-07-15 at 16:0 by montsamu

Friday, July 15, 2016: It's going to be a fantastic weekend in High Point, so whether you're driving or taking the train (it's less than a block walk from the station to the hotel!), travel safe on your way to ConGregate! But before I go on (at length!) about ConGregate, there are also a few things happening in and around the Triangle this weekend, so I'll get started with those:

Serafina and the Twisted Staff (a Serafina Novel) Cover Millarworld Annual 2016

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Friday Quick Updates: a packed weekend, Felicia Day on Wednesday, news and new events, and more!

Posted on 2016-04-23 at 12:31 by montsamu

Friday, April 22, 2016: There's plenty of reasons to get out and about this weekend, including Durham County Library's first Teen Lit Festival, Fred Chappell's last of three Triangle appearances, and a Game of Thrones watching party:

12909701_1119675928056066_9065184564688492317_o (1) shadow-all-of-light-9781466866133 13071723_10154059311435758_6685476071551855598_o

  • April 23 (Saturday) 11 am to 5 pm -- Durham County's Main Library (300 N Roxboro St) hosts its first Teen Lit Festival with authors Nathan Kotecki, J.J. Johnson, Jen McConnel, and John Claude Bemis (among others). "Participate in author talks and workshops. There will be
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Last Day for both Henry Vogel's Kindle Scout campaign and Paul Celmer's "IGAAKS" Kickstarter

Posted on 2016-03-20 at 14:39 by montsamu

It's the last day to nominate Raleigh author Henry Vogel's The Counterfeit Captain in the "Kindle Scout" program, which awards a book deal to titles based on user voting. So! Help Henry out, all it takes is a few seconds, and if his book does end up winning, you get a free copy. "Losing consciousness as her starfighter bleeds air, Captain Nancy Martin expects a lonely death. Instead, she awakens in a cavernous, empty docking bay. When she is mistaken for the vast ship's mythical Captain, Nancy finds herself

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2016 Manly Wade Wellman Award cover gallery

Posted on 2016-03-07 at 7:53 by montsamu

As I'm gearing up to podcast descriptions of all of these books for Carolina Book Beat in the morning, and as nominations have been open a while, here's a cover gallery of this year's Manly Wade Wellman Award  final eligibility list of 115 titles, alpha by author:


The Light Who Binds (Bluebell Kildare Series Book 2) Spell of Shattering (Dark Caster Series, Book 4) The Dead Chain The Wrath and the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn, #1) First Frost (Waverley Family, #2) The Wonderland Effect The Subterranean Season: A Novel Adventures of a Space Bum III: Finding Galium Serafina and the Black Cloak (Serafina, #1)AntiBio 2: The Control War Blood Cruise: A Deep Sea Thriller Dead Team Alpha 2: The Stronghold In Perpetuity Kaiju Inferno Behemoth Island (Mega #4) Reign of Four: I Reign of Four: II Reign of Four: III Reign of Four: IV ScareScapes Book One: Phantom Limbs! ScareScapes Book Two: Systems Failure! ScareScapes Book Three: The Sleepwalking Dead! ScareScapes Book Four: Attack of the Living Shadows! ScareScapes Book Five: End of Life Exams! ScareScapes Book Six: Into the Black! The Bleeding Heartland (Z-Burbia #5) Rocky Mountain Die (Z-Burbia, #6) Mercury & Murder (Beowulf Chronicles #2) Schism (Gifted, #2) Hauling Ash Railroad! Volume Twelve: End of the Line Skin Deep: A Historical Horror (Skin Trade Book 2) Going Through The Change Gatefather (Mither Mages #3) Destiny's Handmaiden Rebecca Hornsby, Elf Princess  Dragon of the Stars Afiri Star Trek: The Original Series: Savage Trade Gone Beyond Beyond: A Dharma Mystery Air and Darkness: A novel Into the Maelstrom Sound


The Night of One Hundred Thieves One Year After His Witch to Keep (Keepers of the Veil, #2)  In Midnight's Silence (Los Nefilim #1) Without Light or Guide (Los Nefilim #2) Bound by Flames (Night Prince, #3) Tales of a Fifth-Grade Knight The Geomancer (Gareth and Adele, #1) The Shadow Revolution (Crown & Key, #1) The Undying Legion (Crown & Key, #2) The Conquering Dark (Crown & Key, #3) The Girl in Acid Park (The Millroad Academy Exorcists Book 2) From the Stone (New Knights of the Round Table Book 1) In the Still of the Night (Black Knight Chronicles #5)  Queen of Kats Book I - Betrayal Raising Hell - A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Novella Straight to Hell - A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Novella Hell on Heels Haw Southern Gothic (Max Porter Mysteries Book 4) Southern Haunts (Max Porter Mysteries Book 5) The Way of the Soul (The Malja Chronicles Book 6) Founders The Mussorgsky Riddle  Bryony and Roses


Soul Arbor Wishing for You (I Wish, #2) Midnight Burning Gappy's Gadgets (Tales from the Land of Ononokin Book 4) Warped Conduit (Platoon F Book 6) Kidnap on Fantasy Planet (Platoon F Book 7) The Further Adventures of Ebenezer Scrooge Red Sky Dawning (The Mako Saga Book 2) Chaos and Moonlight (Order of the Nines, #1) Vendetta (Deadly Curiosities, #2) War of Shadows (Ascendant Kingdoms, #3) Iron & Blood (Jake Desmet Adventures #1) Gods of Chaos (Red Magic #2) My Outcast State (The Maauro Chronicles Book 1) Soulprint After: Red Scare (After, #5) After: Dying Light (After #6) Scars and Ashes: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (Zapheads Book 2) Afterburn: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller (Next Book 1) The Preacher: A Supernatural Thriller (Solom Book 3) Dawnbreaker (Legends of the Duskwalker, #3)


Daughter of Deep Silence City of Thirst (Map to Everywhere, #2) STARGATE ATLANTIS: Lost Queen (SGX-04) Stargate Atlantis: Third Path (Stargate Atlantis, #23) Wind Raker (The Order of the Air, #4) Oath Bound ( The Order of the Air, #5) The Dragon Conspiracy (SPI Files, #2) A Cold Legacy (The Madman's Daughter, #3) The Cage (The Cage, #1) Seduce (Succubus Kiss, #1) Savor (Succubus Kiss #2) Sacrifice (Succubus Kiss #3) Summon (Succubus Kiss Book 4) Their Fractured Light (Starbound, #3) The Perilous Journey of the Not-So-Innocuous Girl Castle Hangnail Scout's Oath (Scout's Honor #2) Scout's Duty (Scout's Honor #3) Time's Divide Crockatiel: An O.C.L.T. Novel Sturgis

I included Goodreads links for every title for which I could find a listing. Nominations will remain open until

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