Poetry Acceptances & An Apology

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Poetry Acceptances & An Apology

Posted on 2010-12-15 at 2:34 by Dan Campbell
Many thanks to all who answered my call for poetry back in October! I'm feeling well fed and still enjoying the incoming submissions.

Before I announce acceptances, though, I must apologize to the poets whose work appeared in issue 3: we forgot to include your bios and are terribly sorry! So, belatedly, here's the scoop on issue 3's poets:

Rob Elkind ("Magnetic Moment") is currently employed as an Information Security Specialist (white hat). He is a long time practitioner and instructor of the Fu Hok Tai He Morn Chinese martial arts system. Also, he is a beekeeper and raises chickens with his wife and daughter in Sudbury, MA. "Magnetic Moment" is his first poetry publication.

Matt Ronquillo ("Thread Head") is a regular contributor at Haggard and Halloo publications. His work has also appeared in issue #4 of Infinity's Kitchen Magazine. His physical presence tends to cause complex systems and mechanical processes to mysteriously break down. He lives in Costa Mesa, California.

Deborah Walker ("Dolly Bone Dream" and "The Standing Stones Have Fallen but the Debt Remains") lives in London. Her poetry has appeared in Space and Time, Dreams and Nightmares, and Apex Magazine. She also writes fiction--some of which was inspired by her poems.

David Sklar ("When I Grow Up") writes in the places between the impossible magic of legend, the inscrutable magic of dreams, and the breathtaking everyday magic of the world in which we live. His works include fiction in such publications as Space and Time and Cabinet des Fées, and poetry in Wormwood Review and Paterson Literary Review, among others. His first novel, Shadow of the Antlered Bird, is available as an e-book from Drollerie Press. He is currently coediting the two-headed anthology Trafficking in Magic/Magicking in Traffic. David lives in New Jersey and works as a freelance writer and editor. For more information, see davidwriting.com.

Robert Laughlin ("With a Chance of Sucking Vacuum" and "What the Poet Wrote after His Wife Put that Big Seed Pod under His Bed") lives in Chico, California. He has published over 100 short stories and poems, many of them sf or fantasy. Two of his short stories are Million Writers Award Notable Stories, and his sf novel, Vow of Silence, was favorably reviewed by Publishers Weekly. His website is at www.pw.org/content/robert_laughlin.

For issue 4, I'm pleased we'll be publishing the following poems:
  • "Masdevallia", by Mark Brandon Allen
  • "Beastwoman's Snarled Rune", by Rose Lemberg
  • "Enchantment", by Jennifer McConnel
  • "with the fisher on the lake", by Kaolin Fire
  • "The Guardian at the Fountain of Eternal Youth", by Alexandra Seidel

Thank you to all who have submitted in the last two months!

- Dan Campbell, Poetry Editor

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