WorldCon fun! Just not for Sam.

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WorldCon fun! Just not for Sam.

Posted on 2011-08-16 at 21:7 by montsamu

Well, I see a long contrail (ha ha) of “See you guys, I’m off to World Con!” so it must be that time again: time to live vicariously through others, and try to get the word out about Bull Spec. First, I hope you all have a great time. No, really, I do.

Secondly, some flyers! I’ve lately enjoyed peeking at the participants lists of these conventions and noting how many folks can be found in the pages of Bull Spec. This time, I spy, with my little eye, 10 — count ‘em, TEN! — such folks at World Con:

  • Lou Anders (interviewee, issue #4)
  • Lev Grossman (interviewee, issue #6)
  • Joe Haldeman  (interviewee, issue #3)
  • Daniel M. Kimmel ("Them!", issue #5)
  • Mur Lafferty (review of The Wolf Tree, issue #6)
  • Nick Mamatas ("Oh, Harvard Square!", issue #4, and a growing list of reviews)
  • Tim Pratt ("Hell's Lottery", issue #5)
  • Brandon Sanderson (interviewee, issue #3)
  • Jonathan Strahan (interviewee, issue #5)
  • Jacob Weisman (interviewee, issue #3)
And what I wanted to do was put together a BINGO sheet and have folks scavenger hunt their way to prizes via stalking and forcing these folks to sign said sheets. Well, we'll skip the forcing and go straight to stalking and the prizes. This flyer is double-sided. The first side is for me. The back side is for you -- easy reference to the published panel schedules for the above folks. (And a few extra things.)

And here's a color version of the first page, suitable for posting on walls, doors, etc. You know, generally wallpapering, etc.:

Now, what this doesn't have is the long list of "Friends of Bull Spec" or even the full list of contributors who will be out there. M. David Blake ("Absinthe Fish" in issue #5) is heading to Reno, as is Preston Grassmann ("Cael's Continuum" in issue #5, along with an interview with Hannu Rajaniemi in the same issue), and I'm sure there are more. But, sadly, you don't have to collect them all. You just have to find Marc (M. David Blake) and ask him nicely, and, while supplies last, he will have some Bull Spec goodies for folks.

So: enjoy! Print! Share! Have a blast, and good luck also to all the Hugo and Campbell nominees! (Particularly including Bull Spec contributors Lou Anders, Jonathan Strahan, Lev Grossman, Kij Johnson, and Brandon Sanderson. But, yeah, all of you.)
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