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Two events, one flyer: Cory Doctorow and Brandon Sanderson

Posted on 2013-02-10 at 13:51 by montsamu

Operation wallpaper-the-town for two big-time events this month:

February 16 (Saturday) 2 pm — Flyleaf Books hosts Cory Doctorow for Homeland, sequel to Little Brother. More info:

February 20 (Wednesday) 7:30 pm – Quail Ridge Books again hosts best-selling author Brandon Sanderson, this time for the conclusion of The Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light. In addition, special guest Harriet McDougal will be joining Sanderson for the event. More info: https

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Updated mid-November Flyer

Posted on 2012-11-18 at 16:44 by montsamu

Here's the latest handout flyer, updated for mid-November distribution at NC Comicon at the Durham Convention Center. Day 1 was a huge success, and Day 2 is just getting underway:

But! Don't print that, instead pick either the bw or color PDF. Also, I updated the holiday guide to include a few things that running into some folks at NC Comicon helped jog back into my memory. (Zack Smith's digital comic, and the comic anthology Shakespeare Shaken which has multiple local contributors.)

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November newsletter: Granados, NC Comicon, Cherie Priest, and more

Posted on 2012-11-02 at 17:31 by montsamu

Vol 2. No 8. November 2, 2012:

This weekend there are three events kicking off a busy month of November, which brings Cherie Priest back to the Triangle for her new book, another chance to catch Durham author Nathan Kotecki, and features NC Comicon in Durham:

  • November 2-8 (Friday to Thursday) -- Carolina Theatre of Durham hosts a Studio Ghibli / Miyazaki animated film screening series, including "Howl's Moving Castle", "Princess Mononoke", and several others:
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September handout flyer, v1.

Posted on 2012-08-30 at 2:3 by montsamu

While I'm soon to pull the trigger on the full September newsletter, here's the handout flyer of highlights for September and early October. It's a busy month ahead!

Update: Corrected an inaccurate listing. Andy Duncan's reading at NCSU is on Sep 12 at 7:30, not Sep 19 at 7. See you there!

(Don't print the JPG! There's a handout-2012-september-v1 (color) and handout-2012-september-v1-bw (grayscale) PDF for that!)


4 Chapel Hill Comics hosts sf and horror author Scott Sigler for a reading

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Event flyer for Sunday's Flyleaf Books reading with T.C. McCarthy and Michael J. Sullivan!

Posted on 2012-07-30 at 19:50 by montsamu

OK. Let's see these flyers posted all over the Triangle, please?

Event flyer for Sunday August 5 Flyleaf Books hosts T.C. McCarthy and Michael J. Sullivan

Color PDF: orbit-2012-august-v1

Black and white PDF: orbit-2012-august-v1-bw

Facebook event link:

If handing out or stacking on a giveaway table, the handout PDF handout-2012-july-v4 (b/w version: handout-2012-july-v4-bw) are still the way to go. Thanks guys!

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Event flyer, mid-July update

Posted on 2012-07-07 at 3:29 by montsamu

While there are more events going on than fit onto one page just now, here's the current event handout/flyer. Spread it far and wide!

[scribd id=99389902 key=key-24l4bossn9kl1rl163pb mode=list]

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Bull Spec Dragon*Con Flyers

Posted on 2011-09-01 at 21:24 by montsamu

Happy trails, all you fine folks heading to Dragon*Con! Here are some flyers which will help you keep track of the Bull Spec contributors and interviewees and such, though there's more even than I had room to list:



So please! Print, post, share! And come by The Missing Volume in the Marriot Marquis dealer room to check out a copy of Bull Spec!

edit: Yipes! I forgot a big event which is happening tomorrow

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WorldCon fun! Just not for Sam.

Posted on 2011-08-16 at 21:7 by montsamu

Well, I see a long contrail (ha ha) of "See you guys, I'm off to World Con!" so it must be that time again: time to live vicariously through others, and try to get the word out about Bull Spec. First, I hope you all have a great time. No, really, I do.

Secondly, some flyers! I've lately enjoyed peeking at the participants lists of these conventions and noting how many folks can be found in the pages of Bull Spec. This time, I spy, with my little eye, 10 -- count 'em, TEN! -- such folks at World Con:

  • Lou
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So many, many things.

Posted on 2010-09-11 at 17:52 by montsamu

First, a "fall" flyer is here, which stretches from mid-September through November. Contents are basically:

FALL 2010

12 McIntyre’s Books hosts Warren Rochelle for a reading and signing of his new novel The Called
21 Duke University hosts William Gibson for a local stop on his tour promoting his new novel Zero History

22 Quail Ridge Books hosts Scott Westerfeld for a reading and signing of his new young adult novel Behemoth, sequel to Leviathan
26 Mark Van Name reads from and

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September 2010 events flyer.

Posted on 2010-08-31 at 16:15 by montsamu

The flyers seem to be a fairly popular little thing, so here is the September 2010 Local Events/News flyer. It is a PDF file which you may and probably should print out a bunch of times and put everywhere.



1 Michael Jasper’s contemporary fantasy webcomic In Maps and Legends (art by Niki Smith) returns with a new issue
2 Mark Van Name reads from and talks about his new science fiction novel Children No More at Quail Ridge Books; author’s proceeds donated to Falling Whistles, a child

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