Kickstart Bull Spec!

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Kickstart Bull Spec!

Posted on 2011-08-29 at 20:11 by Natania

Do you want more amazing speculative fiction at pro rates? Of course you do. Bull Spec is holding a Kickstarter campaign, and there’s still plenty of time to contribute. For the whole list of gifts, check out our posts here. For an overview of how and why, read on!

Who? Bull Spec is a quarterly print and PDF magazine of speculative fiction published out of Durham, NC, with a strong focus on Raleigh-Durham and Carolinas authors. Upon completion of its first year of publication, it was approved as a SFWA market for professional short fiction. Now getting near half-way through its second year, BULL SPEC is looking to keep going.

What? This Kickstarter project is to help fund the 60,000 words or so of original fiction, 20 or so illustrations, the reviews, the poetry, and the serialized graphic short story (and more!) which will comprise the four issues of the third year ofBULL SPEC which will run from about Spring/Summer 2012 through Winter/Spring 2013. At $0.05/word for fiction and poetry and $100-$200 per illustration, the year’s content budget will come to about $5000. The printing budget adds another $5000, giving a total budget for the year of $10,000. So, why is the “goal” just $1000? No, it wasn’t a typo. If we aim for $1000 and make it, we can keep going, all the way! If we aim for $10,000 and don’t make it, Kickstarter cancels the whole thing. I wasn’t ready for all-or-nothing — not yet!

Why? Because you think a full-size, illustrated print and PDF magazine of speculative fiction focused around Raleigh-Durham, NC is a good thing. Because you enjoy the stories and art and poems. Because you enjoy learning more about local and regional (and global!) authors through at-length interviews and reviews. Because you think BULL SPEC is a good thing to keep doing, and you want to be a part of it. Because you see what stories new fiction editors Natania Barron and Eric Gregory will publish. Because you want there to be a bigger budget for fiction and art! Because you want to see anthologies, proper e-book versions, and other projects like chapbooks, and maybe even proper regional distribution. Oh, yeah, and because the community of authors and artists have stepped up with awesome rewards to entice you into doing so!

When? Right now! Ending Friday, September 30, at 5 PM EST. That might seem like a while, but don’t forget, many of these rewards come in limited quantities (even 1’s and 3’s!) so don’t wait forever… As far as when rewards will ship, most rewards will ship the first weeks of October, after the Kickstarter ends.

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