Bull Spec Dragon*Con Flyers

Happy trails, all you fine folks heading to Dragon*Con! Here are some flyers which will help you keep track of the Bull Spec contributors and interviewees and such, though there’s more even than I had room to list:

COLOR: http://www.box.net/embed/sp7o7gurcgqkx6u.swf

B/W: http://www.box.net/embed/nzfzl521mdrldqy.swf

So please! Print, post, share! And come by The Missing Volume in the Marriot Marquis dealer room to check out a copy of Bull Spec!

edit: Yipes! I forgot a big event which is happening tomorrow (Saturday): the Parsec Awards! The finalists list includes Durham author Mur Lafferty’s “Marco and the Red Granny”, the fiction podcast she edits (Escape Pod), and her excellent “I Should Be Writing” podcast as well. (And her daughter’s “Princess Scientist’s Book Club” podcast!) This year’s ceremony details are: “The 2011 Parsec Awards ceremony will be held on September 3rd at DragonCon. The event will be in Hyatt Regency V Ballroom, the same place it has been for the past several years. The doors will open at 4pm, and the ceremony will begin around 4:30, or when we are able to get things set up, whichever comes later.” And there will be a cash bar reception in the same location after the ceremony.

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