Today (Friday) at Dragon*Con!

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Today (Friday) at Dragon*Con!

Posted on 2011-09-02 at 14:13 by montsamu

But wait, you say. Sam, you’re not even going to DragonCon.

Well, you’re right. But that doesn’t stop me wanting to live vicariously through your posts and tweets and such. So! Though I’m sure you have your flyer printed out (and a stack to hand around, right?) here is…


1:00pm Gail Z. Martin (WRIT)
3:30pm Clay and Susan Griffith (PYR dealer room signing)
4:00pm Lou Anders (WRIT)
5:30pm Mur Lafferty (AUTO)
5:30pm Jason Morningstar (GAME)
5:30pm Gray Rinehart (Princess Alethea Kontis’s Traveling Sideshow, 5:30 in the Hyatt)
7:00pm Lou Anders (WRIT)
7:00pm Clay and Susan Griffith (YA Dark Fantasy)
7:00pm Ann VanderMeer (WRIT)
8:30pm Lou Anders (DFH)
8:30pm Ann VanderMeer (DFH)
8:30pm Jeff VanderMeer (DFH)
10:00pm CD Covington (Broad Universe reading in Greenbriar @ Hyatt)
10:00pm Gail Z. Martin (SFLIT)

So: go enjoy! Tweet, post, etc. (And go check out The Missing Volume in the Marriot Marquis dealer room for a copy of Bull Spec!)

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