Today (Friday) at Dragon*Con!

But wait, you say. Sam, you’re not even going to Dragon*Con.

Well, you’re right. But that doesn’t stop me wanting to live vicariously through your posts and tweets and such. So! Though I’m sure you have your flyer printed out (and a stack to hand around, right?) here is…


1:00pm Gail Z. Martin (WRIT)
3:30pm Clay and Susan Griffith (PYR dealer room signing)
4:00pm Lou Anders (WRIT)
5:30pm Mur Lafferty (AUTO)
5:30pm Jason Morningstar (GAME)
5:30pm Gray Rinehart (Princess Alethea Kontis‘s Traveling Sideshow, 5:30 in the Hyatt)
7:00pm Lou Anders (WRIT)
7:00pm Clay and Susan Griffith (YA Dark Fantasy)
7:00pm Ann VanderMeer (WRIT)
8:30pm Lou Anders (DFH)
8:30pm Ann VanderMeer (DFH)
8:30pm Jeff VanderMeer (DFH)
10:00pm CD Covington (Broad Universe reading in Greenbriar @ Hyatt)
10:00pm Gail Z. Martin (SFLIT)

So: go enjoy! Tweet, post, etc. (And go check out The Missing Volume in the Marriot Marquis dealer room for a copy of Bull Spec!)

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