Today (Sunday) at Dragon*Con!

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Today (Sunday) at Dragon*Con!

Posted on 2011-09-04 at 8:30 by montsamu

Though yet again you should have a stack of flyers you’re handing out, and likely have this stuff memorized and/or tattooed:


10:00am Ann and Jeff VanderMeer (AUTO)
11:30am Mur Lafferty (POD)
11:30am Gail Z. Martin (POD)

1:00pm ERIN HOFFMAN (Sword of Fire and Sea, PYR dealer room signing)
1:00pm Gail Z. Martin (SFLIT)
1:00pm Jason Morningstar (GAME)
1:00pm Ann and Jeff VanderMeer (ALT) — Steampunk Expo with Von Slatt device!
2:30pm Lou Anders (SFLIT)
2:30pm Clay and Susan Griffith (Pyr Books Presents!)
4:00pm Clay and Susan Griffith (Vampires)
4:00pm Ann and Jeff VanderMeer (
The Missing Volume dealer room signing)
5:30pm Gail Z. Martin (EFF)
7:00pm Jason Morningstar (GAME)
7:00pm Ann VanderMeer (SFLIT)
7:00pm Clay and Susan Griffith Greyfriar Reading w/James Marsters (ticketed event)
10:00pm Gail Z. Martin (DFH)

Whew. Tune in tomorrow for the Monday schedule for those staying all the way through to the end!

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