Three bits of local author news.

Three bits of local author news, in order of when I heard about them: Dan Campbell, Michael Jasper, and Richard Dansky.

  1. Dan Campbell‘s short story “Where Sea and Sky Kiss” was published this morning at Daily Science Fiction. Sent to e-mail subscribers, it will later be posted online, and finally be part of their monthly Kindle edition. I had a chance to read it and if you’re a fan of Dan’s, well, you won’t be disappointed at all. I don’t want to give anything away, and I don’t have time to figure out “spoiler” tags, but for me there was a melancholy, beautiful echo of a Kaolin Fire poem that Dan and I both liked in there, and I hope you guys check out DSF if you aren’t already subscribed. (It’s free, by the way — and newly SFWA approved — so what are you waiting for?)
  2. Michael Jasper‘s webcomic In Maps & Legends reaches its conclusion with Issue 9 tomorrow: “What started with an off-the-cuff tweet over two years ago will conclude — nearly 200 pages later — with a digital bang this Wednesday.” There’s a free issue #1 preview if you want to get started.
  3. Richard Dansky is interviewed by Tracy S. Morris — and even gives Bull Spec a name drop. Thanks, man! Update: and one of Richard’s short stories was just announced in the table of contents for the anthology Haunted: 11 Tales of Ghostly Horror as well.
Whew! And something I don’t think I’ve mentioned here yet is that Firetower Studios has recently started a veritable stampede of webcomics, from Jason Strutz’s Faerie Sisters to Ennui of the Dead to Werewolf DA to… well, you get the idea.
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