Bull Spec contributors at World Fantasy Conference 2011

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Bull Spec contributors at World Fantasy Conference 2011

Posted on 2011-10-24 at 16:24 by montsamu

The 2011 World Fantasy Conference program is out, along with day-by-day event listings. As San Diego is a bit of a walk from Durham, once again I’ll live vicariously through poking through the program and filtering for Bull Spec contributors.


9 pm: Pacific 1: Out From Under the Bed: Monster as Protagonist Nick Mamatas (story, “Oh, Harvard Square!” in issue #4)


1 pm: Pacific 6/7: Reading - Cat Rambo (story, “The Coffeemaker’s Passion” in issue #5)

2 pm: Pacific 1: The Successful Misfit as a Theme in Fantasy - Erin Hoffman (story, “City of Shadow and Glass”, issue #4), Mark L. Van Name (interviewee and excerpt for Children No More, issue #4)


10 am: Pacific 4/5: Reading - Tim Pratt (story, “Hell’s Lottery” in issue #5)

11 am: Pacific 1: Here There Be Krakens: Monsters of the Deep - David Drake (interviewee and excerpt for The Legions of Fire in issue #3; interviewee in forthcoming issue #7)

2 pm: Pacific 2/3: The Year in Fantasy - Jonathan Strahan (interviewee in issue #5)

8 pm: Pacific 1: Out of the Broom Closet: Integrating Magicians and Fantastic Creatures into Society - Rebecca Rowe (participant, issue #4 launch reading)

9 pm: Pacific 6/7: Open Poetry Reading (2 hrs.) – Emcee Rose Lemberg (poem, “Beastwoman’s Snarled Rune”, issue #4)


1 pm: What do eight (8!) nominees — Lou Anders, Lauren Beukes, Kij Johnson, Nick Mamatas, Jonathan Strahan, Charles Tan, Lavie Tidhar, and Jeff VanderMeer — have in common? They’ve all been contributors to Bull Spec. Best of luck to all the nominees!

PS: And WFC attendees, check your bookbag for a flyer with a free download code for Bull Spec #6 from Weightless Books!

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