Fantasy novel from a Connecticut 13 year old with Crohn’s Disease.

Chronicles a bit of the struggles of a young girl with Crohn’s Disease, and talks about her short fantasy novel which was self-published in Nook, Kindle, and (free) ePub form. It’s not the greatest story ever told (contemporary fantasy, Ash, Rayne, the council and its Head) but it’s probably a good step up from my efforts at that age 🙂 (if I were foolish enough to read what I have safely boxed away in my closet, I suppose a comparison could be made, but really, nobody wants that).

(Like the recent Marine Expeditionary vs. Rome thing, “it came from reddit“.)

Update: It looks like I’m going to be sending a books/etc. “care package” from the Triangle area, so if you have some middle grade books or something you want to send, get ahold of me.

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