It's beginning to look a lot like an issue.

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It's beginning to look a lot like an issue.

Posted on 2011-12-26 at 5:7 by montsamu

Same as last year’s year-end issue, it looks like a very late December (say… 30? 31?) publication date for issue #7. About two months later than I’d have liked, but it’s been worth the wait. Here are the cut-and-paste mostly unformatted contents:

Cover Art
Gearaffes Angi Shearstone

# The Gearaffe Who Didn’t Tick D. K. Thompson illustrated by Angi Shearstone
# Fish Eyes Natania Barron illustrated by Brigid Ashwood
# Complications of the Flesh Jason Erik Lundberg illustrated by Jason Strutz
# Inseperables’ War Stephanie Ricker illustrated by Jason Strutz
# When Dreams Wake Jason K. Chapman illustrated by Indrapramit Das
# Friday Nite at the A&W J. P. Trostle illustrated by Gabriel Dunston

# Letting Go Damon Shaw illustrated by Gabriel Dunston
# The Fall Queen Alexandra Seidel; One Hundred Years in the Wood Daniel A. Rabuzzi; increments lemuel harik; A Fembot’s Quantum Love Deborah Walker; Night Patrol Athena Andreadis; Laurels Mari Ness

Graphic Short
31 The Long Lives of Heroes

Jeremy Whitley and Jason Strutz
part 3 of 4

# Into the Hinterlands David Drake and John Lambshead = Interview by Jeremy L. C. Jones; Essays by Toni Weisskopf, Mark L. Van Name, and John Lambshead
# The Children of the Sky Vernor Vinge = Review and Interview by Paul Kincaid
# The Master Trilogy C. S. Friedman = Review and Interview by Dan Campbell
# Circle Tide Rebecca K. Rowe = Review and Interview by C. D. Covington
# Panverse Three Dario Ciriello = Review and Interview by Rich Horton
# Zoo City Lauren Beukes = Interview by Preston Grassmann

# Never Knew Another J. M. McDermott = Essay by John H. Stevens
# X-Minus One = Article by Peter Wood

# Happenings
# Reviews = The Clockwork Rocket Greg Egan by Paul Kincaid; The Goblin Corps Ari Marmell by Joseph Giddings; The Postmortal Drew Magary by J. P. Wickwire; The Rift Walker Clay and Susan Griffith by Natania Barron; Briarpatch Tim Pratt by Dustin Monk; Mr. Fox Helen Oyeyemi by Larry Nolen; Osama Lavie Tidhar by Paul Kincaid; The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow and Context Cory Doctorow by Nick Mamatas
62 Editorial


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