Maker Faire tomorrow! Free RPG Day, too! M. David Blake is interviewed! Exciting things!

First: I hope as many of you as humanly possible were among the 40+ who went to see and hear Kevin Hearne at Flyleaf Books last Tuesday, and were able to do more than stop by Jeremy Whitley’s Princeless event last Saturday at Ultimate Comics. Did you go? Any pictures or memorable quotes?

Second: tomorrow is Maker Faire NC at the Kerr Scott Building at the NC State Fairgrounds. It runs from 10 am to 5 pm, and includes homemade robots, crafters, quilters, gadgeters, artists, and other “makers” from around the region. There isn’t an “official” Bull Spec presence this year, but hopefully I can convince some folks to take some copies of the flyer for interested parties.

Third: tomorrow is also Free RPG Day (the gaming world’s counterpart to Free Comic Book Day), with events and giveaways around the Triangle, particularly including Raleigh’s Game Theory and Durham’s Sci-Fi Genre.

Lastly: Hillsborough author M. David Blake (“Absinthe Fish”, Bull Spec #5) has a long and ranging interview with AmyBeth Inverness, in which you can see his beautiful fountain penmanship, read about the writing of “Absinthe Fish”, and more.

PS: A week from today we’ll be wrapping up a full day of programming at ConTemporal!

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