Two events, one flyer: Cory Doctorow and Brandon Sanderson

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Two events, one flyer: Cory Doctorow and Brandon Sanderson

Posted on 2013-02-10 at 13:51 by montsamu

Operation wallpaper-the-town for two big-time events this month:

February 16 (Saturday) 2 pm — Flyleaf Books hosts Cory Doctorow for Homeland, sequel to Little Brother. More info:

February 20 (Wednesday) 7:30 pm – Quail Ridge Books again hosts best-selling author Brandon Sanderson, this time for the conclusion of The Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light. In addition, special guest Harriet McDougal will be joining Sanderson for the event. More info:

Here’s a 2-event flyer image to share:


And here are printable PDF flyers in color:


And grayscale:


OK, I lied. I do have another “flyer”, the current handout sheet:


Which looks like this:


Except the PDF is in grayscale.

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