Carolina Book Beat preview: Tommy Lee Edwards

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Carolina Book Beat preview: Tommy Lee Edwards

Posted on 2014-02-03 at 4:38 by montsamu

So tomorrow morning (Monday, Feb 3, 10 AM) I’ll be talking with illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards on Carolina Book Beat on WCOM-FM. It’s the first time we’ve tried an illustrator as a guest, so I wanted to put up some links to visual aids here before the show.

We’re mainly planning to talk about his forthcoming Vandroid project(s) which include a short film [with trailer], a soundtrack, and, set for a late February release, the first of five monthly issues of a comic book series. What is Vandroid? Well… it purports to be a “lost” 1980s sci-fi action movie about an advanced AI which inhabits … a high-end conversion van. There’s an extensive preview up at Crave Online, and you can already pre-order issues both in the US and the UK.

The lost 1980's movie turf_195556_20100711182658_large

I’m also hoping to talk about Tommy’s previous mini-series, the Jonathan Ross-authored Turf, “set in 1920s Prohibition-era New York and featuring period typical gangsters alongside vampires and aliens.” As well as some of his other work, such as his striking concept art for The Book of Eli and the award-winning “The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator”, and his growing involvement with NC Comicon.

You can explore Tommy’s work at his website, or check out the (not 100% complete, but pretty good) databases of his comic work at Comic Book DB (Penciller, Inker, Colorist, Cover Artist) and ISFDB (cover art and interior art for prose books).

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