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Slight updates to guidelines. Status.

We’ve made some updates to our guidelines and wanted to briefly highlight them: Explanation of logarithmic word count share for anthologies; We will accept attachments of any kind (as long as we can read them!) in future submissions periods; We will … Continue reading

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Progress, slow and steady.

Already a week overdue on finalizing responses, I am afraid it will likely be a week more yet before every story gets its proper evaluation and response. Please do rest assured that each one will be fully considered in time, … Continue reading

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Reading and reading and reading. And reading. And translating.

Apologies for the slower responses to your submissions than anticipated. There’s been enough stories that we truly enjoyed that if we could we’d fill a little (or not so little) anthology. But rest assured that we are slowly, finally, making … Continue reading

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We are now closed for submissions until 1 February 2010.

Thanks everyone, so much for your submissions. We have so very many excellent stories to re-read and consider, and are, frankly, a bit overwhelmed. So much in just 10 days! All this really means is (1) submissions from now forward … Continue reading

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Heads up: will be closing submissions for this reading period at midnight Sunday night EST.

We’ve received so many great submissions, and many other ones quite good, besides. We promised to keep submissions open for 10 days and Sunday night at midnight EST will be that minimum. To be fair to ourselves, our day jobs, … Continue reading

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Request for comments: a mutiny on the bounty.

We’re still tinkering with how we want to approach original works publication. (For benefit works, initial publication will be in Creative Commons BY-NC-ND or less restrictive at the author’s request.) First, again, we’ll never, ever sue or threaten to sue … Continue reading

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Call for discussion: ads on the blog.

We don’t think we’ll need to do ads, and don’t particularly want to and may not anyway, but what do our communities think of some minimal ads on the blog (only: never in e-books or audiobooks) to help make sure … Continue reading

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Closed for reprint submissions.

We are now closed for reprint submissions. Our capacity for reprint production work is full for 6 months, and we’ll post an update when we re-open for reprints in about three months. Original submissions are still open and welcome.

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Insanity, we has it.

We would have liked to have this lined up for our “coming out party” last Friday, and it may be a tiny bit premature, but we’re in talks to provide video versions of some stories in American Sign Language, accept … Continue reading

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Two more days of reading.

Another little update on progress on the submissions inbox. There were 2 more stories which trickled in late Saturday, and a nice little stream continued Sunday and Monday. Everybody should have at least received an acknowledgement by now, so if … Continue reading

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