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Paul Kincaid's From the Other Side, July 2015: Adam Craig's Vitus Dreams, Ian Sales' A Prospect of War, infinity plus, Tom Holt, Charles Stross, Louisa Hall, and Tales from the Vatican Vaults

Posted on 2015-08-03 at 11:0 by montsamu

From the Other Side, July 2015 By Paul Kincaid

[Editor’s Note: From the Other Side is Paul Kincaid’s monthly column on books and news from the other side of the Atlantic.]

We were in Wales at the start of the month, and in a small bookshop there I came across a beautifully-produced novel from a small Welsh press. Vitus Dreams by Adam Craig (Cinnamon Press) is what used to be called experimental fiction: that is, the book proceeds by puns, spoonerisms and other word play rather than by plot. There is a

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