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Coming to Town: David Weber and Timothy Zahn for HonorCon

Posted on 2014-10-29 at 14:40 by angelablackwell


Article and Interviews by The Exploding Spaceship (Angela and Gerald Blackwell)

This weekend (Oct 31-Nov 2) HonorCon is being held at the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown. This is a science fiction convention celebrating military science fiction literature and Honor Harrington’s birthday. Most of the events feature David Weber’s Honorverse which now has a new participant, Timothy Zahn. A Call to Duty by David Weber and Timothy Zahn was released on October 7 (see review here). This is the first volume in a

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October Newsletter: A Night of Local Horror, HonorCon, and (in November) William Gibson, NC Comicon, and NC Speculative Fiction Night

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Vol 4. No 10. October 27, 2014: Well, this newsletter is coming quite a bit late in the month, but we've got plenty to show for it, both in the rear-view and coming up in late October and early November including visits from Timothy Zahn, John Barrowman, and William Gibson, and! the first NC Speculative Fiction Night event in quite a while. First, a quick look at some highlighted upcoming events:

<img 7="" 10="" class="" src="" alt="Tuesday, Oct 28, Motorco Music Hall hosts " a="" night="" of="" local="" horror"="" featuring="" short="" films.="" pm."="" width="223" height="320"> 

Tuesday, October 28, Durham's Motorco Music Hall hosts A Night of Local Horror [Facebook] featuring 10 short

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The Exploding Spaceship: Reviews of Fire Season and Captain Vorpatril's Alliance

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The Exploding Spaceship by Gerald and Angela Blackwell: Reviews of Fire Season and Captain Vorpatril's Alliance

Fire Season: A Star Kingdom Novel by David Weber and Jane Lindskold (hardcover release Oct 2012 Baen Books, ebook available at

Fire Season is the sequel to A Beautiful Friendship, the first young adult book in Weber’s Star Kingdom universe. The series chronicles the adventures of Stephanie Harrington, the teenage discoverer of the treecats of the planet Sphinx, and her

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