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The Hardest Part: Jenna Black on The Gifted Dead

Posted on 2014-09-24 at 14:31 by montsamu

When I asked author Jenna Black, whose Nikki Glass books have been published by Pocket Books, Faeriewalker series by St. Martin's Griffin, Guardians of the Night series and Replica by Tor, and Morgan Kingsley series by Dell, what the hardest part of her latest novel had been, I thought I knew what I was going to get. Black had elected to self-publish the first book of a new contemporary fantasy series, The Gifted Dead, and I'd assumed that making that decision had weighed quite heavily on her. Not so, I

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September newsletter: John Hodgman, tiltExpo, HMLT, Stuart Rojstaczer, Kim Harrison, John Darnielle, The Escapism Film Festival, Scott Westerfeld, and more!

Posted on 2014-09-05 at 10:0 by montsamu

Vol 4. No 9. September 5, 2014: The first Friday of the month has no fewer than five events to pique your interest, and the first week of the month has already brought the first of five six! seven! new books by North Carolina authors that will hit stores in September.

Let's start with those events happening today (Friday, September 5):


  • While most festival events are on Saturday and are free, the Bookmarks Festival in Winston-Salem, NC does have a pair of ticketed "Eat and Greet" sessions on Friday
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The Hardest Part: Jenna Black on writing a full novel after having sold it on proposal

Posted on 2014-01-09 at 3:38 by montsamu

Durham author Jenna Black's next novel publication is a re-issue of her 2006 novel Watchers in the Night, which begins her series The Guardians of the Night, all set for re-release in 2014 starting with book one next week. With two additional series also in print, Faeriewalker and Morgan Kingsley, she has two more series ongoing, her Nikki Glass urban fantasy series and her new near future YA dystopia Replica, and with all these novels she's had plenty of time to examine and exercise her craft. Here she

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