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Paul Kincaid's From the Other Side, May 2016: Baxter and Reynolds, Asher, MacLeod, McAuley, Rajaniemi, Cornell, Gaiman, and more

Posted on 2016-06-16 at 15:9 by montsamu

[Editor’s Note: From the Other Side is Paul Kincaid’s monthly column on books and news from the other side of the Atlantic.]

From the Other Side, May 2016 By Paul Kincaid

May seems to be the month when the big boys come out to play (and yes, sadly it does seem to be mostly boys). And they don’t come much bigger than Arthur C. Clarke. Well, no, there isn’t a new book from Sir Arthur, but the last work of fiction by him that actually won an sf award was the novella “A Meeting With Medusa” which received the

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