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Shipping. Blurbage. Submissions status. Or: “It’s compressive, intelligent, and enlightening.” And open!

Well, I’ve printed a holiday greeting cards list number of shipping labels… but no UPS truck in sight. So a quick update on two topics. Blurbage! From Tim Deal of Shroud Publishing, on my interview of D. Harlan Wilson: “It’s … Continue reading

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Slight updates to guidelines. Status.

We’ve made some updates to our guidelines and wanted to briefly highlight them: Explanation of logarithmic word count share for anthologies; We will accept attachments of any kind (as long as we can read them!) in future submissions periods; We will … Continue reading

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Updated guidelines: open for works in Spanish and Chinese; longer form reprints.

We’ve made a few minor updates to our guidelines, clarifying some language around our publishing schedule and rights, and adding two fairly (we feel) important bits of information: We are open to Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) language submissions. We are … Continue reading

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First two submissions and updated guidelines.

Thanks SO much to the first two submissions we received last night. One we’re still holding for consideration a little while longer, the other involved the hardest thing to do so far: reject a very, very good and fun story … Continue reading

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Welcome to BULL SPEC

Welcome to a new speculative fiction market, BULL SPEC, based in Durham, North Carolina, United States. We’re going to start slow and small and make sure we have things right and that we grow the right way if we’re lucky … Continue reading

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