NC speculative fiction holiday guide crowd source begins!

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NC speculative fiction holiday guide crowd source begins!

Posted on 2012-10-22 at 13:30 by montsamu

There have been - and are yet to come! - a long list of novels, anthologies, comics, graphic novels, and other related goodies published by or including local authors and artists and other local and regional creators this year. So, like we’ve done in 2010 and 2011, I want to put together a holiday shopping guide for 2012. But! I need your help. So comment here or on Facebook, or reply on Twitter, or just email me. What am I looking for?

  • Novels, primarily in print or physical media (for audiobooks) and able to be ordered through IndieBound, but if it's otherwise available in print or available on Kobo, I'll round up those books and links as well -- heck, if it can be gifted (I know that works for Audible and Kindle titles) it can be included
  • Anthologies either edited here or including story, art, etc. from local and regional creators (see above for formats)
  • RPG manuals
  • Graphic novels
  • Comics
  • Other stuff I should include?
It looks like I am going on AM 680/850 WPTF to talk about the holiday guide on Saturday, October 27 at 3 pm with Joe Wade Formicola. So please get your book info to me before then, OK? We'll also hopefully have time to talk up the Teen Writing Contest and upcoming events. But who knows! You'll have to tune in to find out.

As for “other stuff”, basically for the local/regional awards eligibility roundup post early next year, such as short story publications for example, let’s hold off on those for now and focus on things that people can (or will shortly be able to) buy as holiday gifts this year.

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