Sam on Carolina Book Beat, Monday July 8 at 10 AM

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Sam on Carolina Book Beat, Monday July 8 at 10 AM

Posted on 2013-07-08 at 1:57 by montsamu

Whew! Sorry for a lot of radio silence from me of late; bought a new house (don’t worry — it’s still in Durham of course) and took a long-planned family vacation, which with two kids running amok was not particularly restful, and then have been dealing with moving and then cleaning and fixing up the old house for sale, etc. I know I have a ton of emails and Tweets and other various messages (luckily no subpoenas of yet) to get to and respond to. So much to do! But first…

I was on Carolina Book Beat to begin the year with a year in review/year in preview of local and regional books, and I’m scheduled to give a “Bull Spec Magazine update on new books” tomorrow morning — and of course sneak in some mentions of some upcoming events as well. (Alex Bledsoe at Flyleaf Books, an Ehmm Theory signing at Ultimate Comics, Jenna Black at Flyleaf Books, the annual NC Browncoats charity screening of Serenity at the Raleighwood Cinema, a just-announced Jay Posey launch signing for Three at the B&N of Southpoint, and of course the August 3rd Bull Spec Summer Speculative Fiction Event at Quail Ridge Books — for starters.)

I’ve very much enjoyed my chats with Audrey and Paul and am looking forward to tomorrow. In terms of books, I’m hoping to mention recent releases such as Rich Dansky’s Vaporware and Mur Lafferty’s The Shambling Guide to New York City, along with forthcoming local and regional books such as Nathan Ballingrud’s collection North American Lake Monsters, Jenna Black’s Replica, Jay Posey’s Three, Kelly Gay’s story in the Carniepunk anthology, and David Drake’s latest Books of the Elements novel, some local book news such as Alex Wilson’s Writers of the Future story and Monica Byrne’s debut novel being set for a 2014 release, other anticipated sf/fantasy books this summer and fall, and… well, the list goes on and is so long. Tune in tomorrow morning from 10 AM to 11 AM (Eastern Time) on WCOM 103.5 FM, catch the live webcast from, or wait a bit and download the post-air-date podcast.

Carolina Book Beat has a pretty solidly speculative focus this early summer, with other upcoming shows of interest:

  • July 22 - Rhonda Riley, Fiction, The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope (date to be confirmed)
  • August 5 - Karen Lord, Sci-Fi, The Best of All Possible Worlds -- Barbados sf/f author Lord is the headliner (among such an amazing lineup!) for the August 3rd event at Quail Ridge Books, and has additional events on August 4 (Orange County Library in Hillsborough), and August 5 (Chapel Hill Library and Flyleaf Books)
And here are some other podcast episodes of interest:
  • The Kings and Queens of Roam by Daniel Wallace (broadcast 5-6-2013) Daniel Wallace once again brings to the reader a tale of what it is to be human demonstrated by playing out a story in a setting of magic and mystery.
  • Bull Spec Magazine of Speculative Fiction, Publisher Samuel Montgomery-Blinn (broadcast 1-7-2013)
  • Bull Spec publisher Samuel Montgomery-Blinn (broadcast 1-2-2012) Sam talks about the importance of fantasy and science fiction in the world of literature and about the why and how of his involvement in the world of publishing.
  • The Postmortal  by Drew Magary (broadcast 2-6-2012) Imagine a situation where a simple medical procedure would halt the process of natural aging.
  • Kingdom in the Balance/The Source by Debra Killeen/Diana Bastine (broadcast 9-19-2011)  Sister authors, Killeen and Bastine, have each come up with good reading fantasy novels that fit into the young adult category.
  • The Magician King by Lev Grossman (broadcast 9-5-11) Here is an invitation to enter another world, a world of magic, challenging, oft times dangerous, but always offering the possibility of achieving all one might wish for.
  • Journal of a UFO Investigator by David Halperin (broadcast 2-7-2011)  A book within a book, within a book, Halperin, UNC Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, offers a universe of experience from which the reader can choose.
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