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We're pleased to announce that BULL SPEC SHORT #1 will be: Terry Bisson's "George."

Posted on 2009-11-17 at 17:41 by montsamu
The summer before George was born, Katie and I lived in a house on a high hill. The hill sloped up gently on three sides, covered with thick grass kept short by the wind; but in the back, behind the house, if fell off sharply, down a high, rocky cliff, to the sea. The house was right at the top, about thirty yards from the edge of the cliff, and all we could see of the ocean from there was its top edge, where it tilted up against the sky. The cliff was so high and the wind from the sea was so noisy that
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We're pleased to announce that BULL SPEC BENEFIT SHORT #1 will be: Joe Meno's "The Architecture of the Moon."

Posted on 2009-11-09 at 17:58 by montsamu
By Monday the moon has stopped glowing. One moment it is the singularly most important shape in the nighttime sky and then it is gone...
BULL SPEC is pleased to announce that BULL SPEC BENEFIT SHORT #1 will be Joe Meno's "The Architecture of the Moon:"

I first encountered this shimmeringly wonderful short story as one of featherproof books' free mini-book light reading series, where you can download a well-produced PDF which you can print, fold origami-style, and enjoy. I would offer my thoughts on it, but Read more...
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