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The Hardest Part: Matthew Ross on The Secret of Ji

Posted on 2013-05-29 at 14:20 by montsamu

UNC/Duke professor Tyler Curtain has an avid interest in literary sf and fantasy translations, and introduced me to Duke ecology PhD student Matthew Ross, whose translation from the French of Pierre Grimbert's bestselling and award-winning The Secret of Ji: Six Heirs was about to be published by AmazonCrossing (Publishers Weekly review) and Brilliance Audio (SFFAudio review). Ross talked a bit about this process at the recent NC Speculative Fiction Night in April, where he also gave a reading from the book,

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Release day: Six Heirs (The Secret of Ji #1), translated by Matthew Ross

Posted on 2013-02-19 at 17:53 by montsamu

Well, we've had release day posts for quite a few books now, but this is still a first for Bull Spec. It's not an author or artist or editor, but rather one of the translators whose local ties warrant the book's mention here. So, without further adieu...

Six Heirs (The Secret of Ji, #1)

Six Heirs (The Secret of Ji, #1) by Pierre Grimbert, Matthew Ross (Translator), and Eric Lamb (Translator) -- in print/ebook from AmazonCrossing -- narrated by Michael Page for Brilliance Audio. Here's the publisher copy:

From France’s most celebrated
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