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2013 local and regional author preview

Posted on 2013-01-03 at 2:24 by montsamu

As we turn the page on 2012, and all of its local and regional books, it's time to take a look at 2013 in terms of local and regional authors. While there are always surprises -- particularly later in the year -- here's what I know about so far. Meanwhile, I'm going back on Carolina Book Beat on Monday, January 7th at 10 AM to talk about this list and whatever else comes up. So! On to 2013:

Witchbreaker (Dragon Apocalypse #3) by James Maxey (Solaris, Dec 25) -- "Five hundred years ago, the famed

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Release day: Witchbreaker by James Maxey

Posted on 2012-12-25 at 23:17 by montsamu

James Maxey's Dragon Apocalypse series has been a lot of fun so far -- and yet every time I say that I feel remiss in focusing on the fun, and not enough on how creative these books are. Shapeshifters, incredible and bizarre powers, awesome relics, and of course mountain-sized primal dragons. The series started with Greatshadow in January -- of 2012, just 11 months ago -- and introduced our narrator, Stagger, briefly, before killing him. And then allowing him to continue to narrate the book, as well as the

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