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Coming to Town, link edition: Zack Smith interviews William Shatner about "Shatner's World"

Posted on 2014-01-09 at 15:12 by montsamu

Local writer Zack Smith has had some fantastic, fantastic interviews over the years. But this one, I mean, c'mon. He talked via phone with Shatner! On his blog, Zack posts his full/extended interview with the actor ahead of "Shatner's World: We Just Live In It", Shatner's one man show in Raleigh on Sunday evening. A compressed version of the interview appears in this week's Independent Weekly. In the full interview, Shatner talks about how this one-man show started and grew, about Chapel Hill musician Ben

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Friday Quick Updates: Nov 9th

Posted on 2012-11-09 at 21:40 by montsamu

First, this is something I've been meaning to talk more at length about all week: Raleigh journalist Zack Smith's first published comic "The Stars Below" just hit digital shelves, with art by Portland artist Rich Ellis:

Zack first showed this to me over a year ago, and right away I was blown away by this powerful and actually moving story, told without words from a pigeon's perspective in New York. I'm very glad it is out for a wider audience. It's just a buck from Comixology, and of the list of

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